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A brief history

A Labor of Love from our Family to Yours.

Andy and Tracie Roush met during the summer of ’99 while boating in Ohio. Just 2 months after meeting, Andy invited Tracie up North to share his special place. After 72 hours of Northern Michigan, Tracie also shared a love of this extraordinary spot.

Since that summer of ’99, Andy and Tracie married, had 2 girls and have vacationed at Andy’s parent’s home in Indian River as they retired up North over 20 years ago. In 2009, Andy said to Tracie one day “I can’t do what I am doing for the rest of my life”. After praying and much consideration over what they could do to sustain a living for their young family, they decided to sell everything downstate and move north to pursue building, owning and running their dream business.

For anniversary trips, Andy and Tracie both enjoyed wine country. They loved what it meant: relaxing, enjoying God’s countryside, the gift of each other and the wine that blessed each of them throughout the year until the next anniversary trip. The anniversary trip in the fall of 2010 made them realize they could do this, and give the same experience to other people in the land Andy had dreamed of calling home.

On June 30, 2012, after everything was sold, they moved their family of four to Indian River while they looked for the perfect property to build their dream. On July 20, 2012, Tracie’s birthday, they closed on 22 acres of beautiful hills and rolling countryside. They started planting 1600 grapevines and planning their business. When Tracie’s father passed, his memory was still very much alive, she decided to put her love and experience of building and remodeling to the test and take on the hat of General Contractor on the construction of their 5000+ sq. ft. facility that held their home, winery and tasting room. With the completion of a beautiful building in May of 2014, situated on the perfect scenic hill in the Joy Valley, they opened their doors for business on June 21, 2014.

Since then, they have planted another vineyard (now totaling 11 acres), added on to their outdoor patio, extended the cellar, have added more wines and hard ciders to their menu, incorporated a seasonal wood-fired pizza truck, and have 6 full-time employees as well as an amazing seasonal group. Their wines are well received and their place is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy.

In 2022 Andy and Tracie moved off site, so it was time to re-imagine the other half of the building. With their oldest daughter, Natalie, graduating from Spring Arbor University in May of 2023, they gave her the opportunity to bring her favorite beverage to the menu--coffee! Next door to the tasting room is a cozy coffeehouse ready to meet everyone's coffee needs with high quality espresso drinks and coffee flights.
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Established in 2014

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Meet The Team

  • Chaz Judy

    Chaz made wine in the greater Kansas City area for fifteen years specializing in Hybrid, Mead, Port Style, Fruit Wines and Hard Ciders. He has always had a strong belief that the best wines come from well cared for vineyards, which is why he enjoys spending as much time as he can in the vines. After discovering the vast and bountiful wine scene in the rolling hills of Michigan, the opportunity to enhance his winemaking was offered with the Head Winemaking position at Petoskey Farms Vineyard and Winery. Chaz describes it as the perfect fit, and says the Petoskey Farms family and friends he and his family have come to meet and work with are the essence of joy and happiness. He looks forward to bringing his open and focused approach to the winemaking scene of northern Michigan. Cooking for his family and friends, blacksmithing, fishing, and discovering the ripples of all things outside are things Chaz has a passion for, and he's looking forward to growing deep roots with his local community.

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