Michigan Wine Country Guide

Dive into Michigan's glacier-carved wine region, where cool climates and lake effects meld with a grape-growing and winemaking heritage dating back to French explorers.

Explore Michigan

Step into the cool, unique world of Michigan wine. This under-the-radar, mitten-shaped state, formed by glaciers and moderated by the Great Lakes, specializes in cool-climate varieties that are fresh, vibrant, and lower in alcohol – a testament to the state's unique terroir.

Explore the history of Michigan’s winemaking, stretching back to the era of French explorers like Cadillac, whose legacy extends beyond the automotive industry to the vineyards of this vibrant state.

Re-discover the nuanced profiles of Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc, and delve into the world of innovative, cold-tolerant hybrids that add a unique flair to Michigan's wine portfolio.

Chateau Grand Traverse vineyards in fall overlooking the Old Mission Peninsula.

Embark on a journey of Michigan’s picturesque vineyards nestled among stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to the scenic vistas along the coast, home to more lighthouses than any other state. It’s a place where nature and wine lovers alike can find something to explore and enjoy.

Discover what makes each of the five American Viticultural Areas (AVA) unique, from the established estates to the family-run boutiques, each contributing to Michigan's distinctive wine culture.

Fun facts about Michigan

  • There are 3605 vineyard acres (1460 hectares) for wine grapes in Michigan.
  • Over 50 different grape varieties are planted in Michigan.
  • Fennville was the 1st AVA in Michigan and the 3rd in the USA, established in 1981.
  • Riesling is the most planted grape variety in Michigan.
  • Pinot Noir is the most planted red grape variety in Michigan.
  • Wine was first made in Michigan by French explorers in 1679!
  • The oldest winery in Michigan that is still running dates back to 1867.
  • More than 600,000 tourists visit Michigan’s wineries each year.
  • Tip of the Mitt AVA is the newest AVA and was established in 2016.
  • Vitis vinifera grapes (European varieties) constitute 70% of the total plantings.


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