There are more than 150 wineries making wine with grapes found throughout Michigan.

    Most wineries in Michigan are found close to the lakeshore to benefit from the Lake Effect. Photo by: Petoskey Farms

    The first record of wine being made in Michigan was by French explorers back in 1679 using wild grapes found on the banks of rivers. However, wine has been commercially made here since the mid-1800s. Get to know the people and community that braves some of the toughest winter climates to bring you an outstanding range of grapes and wine styles.

    Let's explore the list of Michigan wineries and their wines.

    Michigan Winery Facts

    • There are about 160 wineries making wine from grapes in Michigan.
    • The oldest winery in Michigan that is still running dates back to 1867.
    • More than 600,000 tourists visit Michigan’s wineries each year.
    • The Michigan Wine Industry creates over 45,000 jobs.


    ♦ The National Association of American Wineries, Michigan Economic Impact Study 2022

    Selected Michigan Wineries

    Verterra Winery Image
    20 Wines

    Verterra Winery Verified Organization

    Verterra was established in 2006 and we craft wines that capture the essence of the Leelanau Peninsula AVA in Michigan. Estate vineyards are nestled on a peninsula along the 45th parallel surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of Lake Michigan. At Verterra, meaning 'true to the land,' we believe that outstanding wines begin in the vineyard. From meticulously chosen elevated vineyard sites to the careful selection of vinifera clones to sustainable vineyard practices, we ensure that each grape embodies the uniqueness of our region. Our collection of elegant reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines showcases the richness and diversity of our vineyards, reflecting the true essence of the Leelanau Peninsula.

    Cabernet Franc
    Pinot Noir

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