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A brief history

Our Mission:
The Art of Balance
Falling in love with Michigan wine.
Reconnecting with nature and agriculture.
Dreaming of putting down roots.
Learning the science and the art.
Seeking the unity of location and creation.
Making the journey as husband and wife.

We are not the first to have these dreams and aspirations.
The path we took to get here is what makes us different.

Leveraging our professional backgrounds, education, and work ethic we made the decision to move forward. An engineer and an educator going all-in on the belief that we could make our vision of Michigan wine sustainable and successful. Our passion, sweat-equity, and willingness to learn, overtaking the apprehension and common wisdom.

The goal is not to be everything to everyone.

Our goal is to be ourselves and have that reflected in every bottle we make.

Creating small batch Michigan wine and cider that evoke both a sense of place and emotion.

Making a serious commitment to the soils we farm, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Finding our balance, and sharing the experience between our family and yours.

Located at the intersection of exploration and expression. Less than a mile from the shore of Lake Michigan in Fennville.
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